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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pregnancy Brain & the Root Beer Avalanche

This cartoon depicts how I've been feeling lately. It seems that I drop anything that dares to make its way into my hands and my brain has completely turned to mush. I was always pretty skeptical about the whole "pregnancy brain" thing. But this pregnancy has made me a believer. I can't seem to focus, and I often forget what I was doing in the middle of it. Add to the mix the extra klutziness, extra fatigue, intense hormonal fluctuations & two small demanding children and I am a crazy mess a lot of the time!

At Wal-Mart the other day I was shopping in preparation for Eden's upcoming birthday for which she insists I make her a root beer float cake. (something she seems to have made up out of no where but which, in fact, does actually exist!) At any rate I was in the beverage aisle picking out a 2 L bottle of root beer when an avalanche happened...down , down, down came bottles of root beer toward my head! I caught the first two but the third one crashed & exploded all over! My right foot got soaked, my forehead was soaked, the floor on the other side of my cart was soak, the racks were soaked. Somehow the mess had jumped OVER my children and they only got sprinkled on. The only thing in my cart that got root beer on it was, of course, the new white bra I was going to buy to accommodate my ever growing bust! An associate had heard the explosion & quickly came around the corner to find a shocked, wet pregnant woman precariously grasping two large bottles of A&W root beer. He went to find someone to clean up the mess & then returned to make sure I was really okay. Once I recovered from the initial shock of it all I put down the bottles I was holding, checked to see what all got wet, & move my cart & child passengers out of the way. I wiped my head & my hands off best I could and then took another look around. The associate & I were shocked to discover that although it was clear (due to the splay of sticky, brown soda all over the place) that a bottle had indeed exploded--there was absolutely no sign of the bottle itself, anywhere! It was at this point that I took my leave & left the mess to someone more equipped to handle it. I sloshed & squished my way through the store and headed home, watching the road through my root beer splattered sunglasses, hoping & praying that this really is just a phase & I will get my bearings, my brain, & my emotions back again soon.

**I really would be curious to know where they end up finding that bottle.**

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