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Monday, May 25, 2009

Eden turns 4!

Four years ago yesterday, I became a mother. Yesterday we celebrated Eden's fourth birthday with family & food. Eden asked for a root beer float cake which I found a recipe for online & made to satisfy her request. We grilled hamburgers & made baked beans; my mom brought macaroni salad & chips; my Grandma H brought peach salad; my Grandma R brought lettuce salad & cherries. I also made a delicious punch & iced tea to drink. Russ & I didn't buy Eden any gifts because we pretty much get her everything she needs and we knew she'd get presents from everyone else. Russ did take her & Jasmine out for breakfast and then let Eden pick out a balloon at Walmart. She chose a huge three-tiered Spongebob Square Pants balloon. The party guests pretty much consisted of my family. My grandparents, my parents & my sister. Russ' parents came for Eden's dance recital on Saturday and then had to go home. It was a pretty nice afternoon. After everyone left Eden was acting quite mature & special. I think all the attention went straight to her head! Happy Birthday, Eden, my delight!

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Amanda said...

Happy Birthday, Eden!

That cake is so cute! I might have to steal the idea sometime.