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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Denver Vacation: Saturday

Saturday morning, Russ & S got up before the rest of us and went to pick us all up some breakfast at Chick-Fil-A with a stop at Starbucks for themselves. While they were gone I got up and showered & got my girls up & ready to go. By the time Russ & S got back with the food we were pretty much ready to go while J, Little J & Little S were all still in their pjs. We ate our breakfast together in their room and then Russ & I left the girls and drove just across the way to REI to see if we could find me a jacket only to discover that they don't open until 10. So we went back to the hotel, waited for a half hour then all of us drove back to REI walked around. I found the perfect jacket but prices were much too high for my tastes so after Russ bought himself a new water bottle & the girls Nalgene sippy cups we made our way to the Downtown Aquarium. There was a Corvette show going on in the parking lot so their was a brief detour made on our way to get tickets since the guys really wanted to check out the cars. All the kids were given homemade wooden cars by a lady in the parking lot. "Toys for God's Kids" is what they called themselves--pretty nice. Then we toured the aquarium. Little J & Jasmine particularly enjoyed it! They were so cute watching the fishies. They saw sharks, tigers, starfish & jellyfish. And they got to touch sea cucumbers & rays. It was good fun. Outside the aquarium we watched a juggling show & went on the SpongeBob Squarepants 4-D ride which Little S couldn't quit obsessing about. We were finished at the Aquarium around 2 pm and instead of eating their we drove to PF Changs and had lunch there. J&S had never eaten there before. The service seemed a little slow considering how NOT busy they were but it was good. Little J made a mess but otherwise behaved herself. After lunch we hit the mall & I bought a jacket at Dick's. At that point we split up & J&S went to grab a couple things at Target & got rootbeer floats at A&W while we went to Hobby Lobby so I could buy a frame for an upcoming photography show and then we went on a wild goose chase trying to find an Old Navy with maternity clothes. When we finally made it back to the motel we were very worn out but I was beginning to want food again and so Russ, S & I drove out to get some Jamba Juice & other food to bring back while J stayed at the hotel with all the kids. In addition to the smoothies, we also got some snacks from Safeway & a couple of pizzas from Old Chicago. It wasn't the greatest meal but Little S snarfed down 3 big pieces of pizza! After that we just chilled in our rooms until sleep carried us all away.

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