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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cute things my kids have said--Part 10

Time for an update!  I like to have these moments in my kids' lives documented so I can always look back.  This installment is kind of heavy on the "Jasmine" quotes.  :) She's definitely at that age...but she's also just a cool kid! 

(Eden is 8, Jasmine is 6, Acacia is 4, and Kira is 1) --------------------

August 20, 2013--Jasmine (while discussing the color red): "Well, it looks good on apples!"

September 11, 2013--Found Jasmine outside with a feather...pretending to be Thomas Jefferson. 

September 28, 2013--Jasmine started reading the Gideon bible in our hotel. She comes up to me and says seriously, "I kind of like the Bible so far."

October 21, 2013--Last weekend we were painting our room and we let the girls "help". Jasmine says, "This base board is going to be really warm for the winter. 'Cause I'm giving him his fourth coat."

October 22, 2013--We were parked outside of a Subway that has Goodrich ice cream and it really bothered Jasmine. "Ice cream is not fresh! I thought Subway was suppose to be healthy; ice cream is not healthy!"

October 22, 2013--Jasmine: "I think mayonnaise tastes a little bit like earwax."

October 27, 2013--Kira finally got her first tooth! Lower left.

October 27, 2013--Russ: "Are you kidding me?"
                            Jasmine: "I'm a kid, but I'm not 'ing'."
                            Russ: "Good one."

November 5, 2013--Acacia: "Mama, I'm being hayve."

November 6, 2013--Jasmine (making out a "new" Christmas list): "Did you know that I'm actually a big fan of American Girl dolls?"

November 12, 2013--Jasmine's "Mona Lisa"

November 13, 2013--Eden was asking for food and Russ told her she could have a banana. Acacia didn't hear and asked, "she can have what?" Russ said, "Nunya." Acacia's says, "I want Nunya!"

November 15, 2013--Jasmine: "On Fridays we should fry stuff. And eat french fries cause it's FRY day! Get it?"

November 18, 2013--Jasmine: "The third thing I want to be when I grow up if I can't be a doctor or a chiropractor is a ninja."

November 27, 2013--Jasmine: "Could God cover the sun with His pinky toe?....Does God even have a pinky toe?"

December 2, 2013--Jasmine broke her leg.

December 5, 2013--Kira is officially walking!

December 13, 2013--Acacia telling me about her dream: "I was in the earth and Jesus was still there. I went somewhere and when I came back he was gone. He ate himself." 

January 25, 2014--We were discussing belly button shapes. Jill: "Does my belly button look like an orange?" Eden: "It kind of looks like the top of a circus tent!"

January 25, 2014--Eden: "Look, Mom, an optimal illusion!"

January 26, 2014--Russ asked Acacia to throw something away in our bedroom but she couldn't find our trash. Russ told her, "it's behind the chair". Acacia: "Your trash can is sneaky!"

January 28, 2014--Jasmine was saying that if she built a house she would want to live in it. Then Acacia speaks up, "If I built a tree, I'd want to go 'Hoo, Hoo' like an owl."

January 28, 2014--Acacia stuck her toes in a bowl of pistachio shells and said, "Oh yeah, that hits the spot!"

January 30, 2014--Served artichokes for the first time.   Acacia's reaction: "Tastes kinda like chicken." 

February 8, 2014--Eden to Kira: "Noooo...come back! You're gonna get sucked into the portal of the human world!"

March 8, 2014--Acacia: "I'm asparagus so somebody eat me!"

March 27, 2014--Random observation from my Eden: "Mommy, I think brown boys are better at beatboxing than white boys."

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A list of semi-Interesting facts about my week

I don't think my life is very interesting but I have been challenged to come up with a list of interesting facts about my week...I think I'll break it down by days...starting with last Friday.

Friday--Felt like Saturday, all day.
--Spent most of the day reading "Divergent" and "Insurgent"
--Didn't care that I was being lazy because I had hurt my back Thursday afternoon and it was still sore.

Saturday--I facilitated my first Wildtree Freezer Meal Workshop at a friend's house.

--Made a trip to Walmart for the sole purpose of buying a book.
--Felt like Friday

Sunday--I spent a large portion of my afternoon riding around town hacking portals with my family.
--Picked up our Bountiful Basket a day later than usual.
--Sat in the van drinking pink lemonade out of a mason jar and sneaking Salt & Pepper Kettle chips and read 'Allegiant' while Russ & the kids played at the park.

Monday--Balanced my check book and realized that we only had $5 left until payday.
--Watched Eden earn $30 selling tutus she made.

--Finally made it to the chiropractor for Thursday's injury.
--Thought it was Tuesday most of the day.

Tuesday--Stayed up later than Russ for a change, editing pictures on my computer.

Wednesday--Returned a $1.00 board book to the library that was almost 2 months late and had a $25 fine on it.  But it was fine-free day so I got off the hook, and didn't get sent to collections.
--Had a clock randomly fall off the wall and hit me in the head.
--Wasted a lot of time on Pinterest affirming my love for nerd-culture and everything bookish.

--It was 75 degrees outside

Thursday--It was snowing
--Relaxed on my kids' pillow bed in the middle of the living room floor and started re-reading 'The Giver'
--Made homemade butter in my Kitchen-aid mixer out of our raw cream.
--Watched my 1 year old draw a Hitler mustache on herself with a marker.