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Thursday, March 27, 2014

A list of semi-Interesting facts about my week

I don't think my life is very interesting but I have been challenged to come up with a list of interesting facts about my week...I think I'll break it down by days...starting with last Friday.

Friday--Felt like Saturday, all day.
--Spent most of the day reading "Divergent" and "Insurgent"
--Didn't care that I was being lazy because I had hurt my back Thursday afternoon and it was still sore.

Saturday--I facilitated my first Wildtree Freezer Meal Workshop at a friend's house.

--Made a trip to Walmart for the sole purpose of buying a book.
--Felt like Friday

Sunday--I spent a large portion of my afternoon riding around town hacking portals with my family.
--Picked up our Bountiful Basket a day later than usual.
--Sat in the van drinking pink lemonade out of a mason jar and sneaking Salt & Pepper Kettle chips and read 'Allegiant' while Russ & the kids played at the park.

Monday--Balanced my check book and realized that we only had $5 left until payday.
--Watched Eden earn $30 selling tutus she made.

--Finally made it to the chiropractor for Thursday's injury.
--Thought it was Tuesday most of the day.

Tuesday--Stayed up later than Russ for a change, editing pictures on my computer.

Wednesday--Returned a $1.00 board book to the library that was almost 2 months late and had a $25 fine on it.  But it was fine-free day so I got off the hook, and didn't get sent to collections.
--Had a clock randomly fall off the wall and hit me in the head.
--Wasted a lot of time on Pinterest affirming my love for nerd-culture and everything bookish.

--It was 75 degrees outside

Thursday--It was snowing
--Relaxed on my kids' pillow bed in the middle of the living room floor and started re-reading 'The Giver'
--Made homemade butter in my Kitchen-aid mixer out of our raw cream.
--Watched my 1 year old draw a Hitler mustache on herself with a marker.

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