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Monday, August 12, 2013

Cute thing my kids have said--Part 9

It has been SUCH a long time since I posted one of these!  So here are the moments I want to remember from the last two years.  :)


10/22/11-- I had a tear roll down my cheek and Acacia asked, "You cry, Mama?"  And I said, "Yeah."  She said, "Like Jesus?"  I was like, "what?"  And she said, "Like Jesus cries?"  I started laughing because I think this must be what she hears when we say, "Jesus Christ."

11/03/11-- Eden: (after discussing why hornets sting people.) "I just want to be every bug's friend."

11/16/11-- Eden said, "I think I know what God looks like. A huge cloud ghost but with a human head."

12/03/11-- I asked Eden what was the one thing she wanted for Christmas. Her reply..."Swimming lessons."

12/28/11-- I was teasing the girls and Jasmine gets serious and says, "Mom! Moms don't tease. Only grandpas tease."

01/01/12-- Jasmine: "What if I ate GIANT food? Then I'd get GIANT dessert, wouldn't I?"

01/02/12-- I asked Acacia some questions: Favorite color: 'crayon' Favorite animal: 'pillow pet' Favorite food: 'pacifier'

01/02/12-- Jasmine: "That guy on tv is bald. Bald people are funny!"
01/03/12-- Jasmine asked, "What if God wasn't real?" As I sat there trying to decide how to answer, Eden answered for me, "Then we wouldn't exist."
01/15/12--Today we were talking about Tim Tebow and Jasmine spoke up and said, "When I grow up, I'm going to marry Tim Tebow." A few minutes later she said, "When I grow up, I am going to say to him, "You are handsome."
01/16/12-- Jasmine: "Some grown-ups are boys and they are handsome. Girls want to marry handsome boys. But when some girls don't like boys, they go away from them." 
01/23/12--Eden: "I don't like big 'M's. I like little 'm's. 'Cause big 'M's look mean and scary!"
03/17/12--Eden lost her other front tooth.  She & Acacia were playing and Acacia accidentally head-butted Eden in the face and out came her tooth. Lots of pain & blood. 
04/12/12--Me: "I need to take a shower."  Jasmine: "Can I shower with you?"  Me: (kidding around) "Are you sure? You'll have to see me naked."  Jasmine: (serious) "I won't laugh at you."
05/12/12--Russ blew his nose while holding Acacia and after he finished she turned to him and said, "You got bless you'd on me!"
05/28/12--Russ & I freaked out when we couldn't find Jasmine & Acacia. Eden said they were playing in the sandbox but the sandbox had it's lid on and they were nowhere to be seen. We ran outside and were yelling for them. No answer. Eden came out, opened the sandbox and there they both were...napping.
07/07/12--Jasmine: "I wish I were in heaven playing worship. I wonder how they are playing worship? I want to play worship with God and Grandpa Jim."
07/12/12--Jasmine: "We're all sinners. And God's normal!"
09/07/12--Acacia came and asked me if she could play on the Ipod. I told her, "no, go put it back." A little while later she comes out of my room and I ask her what she was doing and she tells me she was playing on the ipod. I said, " I thought I told you not to play on that." She replies, "Yeah but I thought 'what the heck!'"
09/28/12--Earlier this week, I woke in the middle of the night to Jasmine screaming. I went in her room to find her sitting up staring horrifically at her right leg. I thought maybe she had a leg cramp or a something. Turns out she was freaking out because she "kept thinking her leg was a worm!" We brought her in our bed with us and she had to look at the ceiling to keep herself from looking at her leg and freaking out! She insists she wasn't dreaming. I was a little freaked out because it was as if my 5 year old was having hallucinations...
10/05/12--Acacia finished her lunch and got a cookie. She asked if she could have another one and I said "No. You only get one for now." She puts on her pouty face and says, "Awww, but two is BETTER!" and stomps her foot.
11/05/12--Jasmine: "My tummy's growling like a tiger!"
11/07/12--Jasmine: "I wish Justin Beiber could see our pretty outfits."
11/14/12--Eden explaining to Acacia what teenagers are like: "They like to go to the mall and get their nails painted and stuff."
12/06/12--Getting ready to go Walmart in my sweatpants and Eden told me I had to put on jeans. I said, "no I don't." And she said, "If you were MY kid, I'd make you put on nice pants." 
12/15/13--Jasmine: "I'm glad Santa is not real." Russ: "Why?" Jasmine: "I don't want to be on the naughty list." Russ: "What makes you think you'd be on the naughty list?" Jasmine: "Being naughty."
12/27/12--Jasmine is walking around with Russ' handheld multimeter pretending she is a Schwans man. I ordered peppermint ice cream. I was also informed that peach ice cream was 'unavailable.'
12/28/12--Overheard: Jasmine: "Your face is ugly!" Eden: "Your mama's face is ugly!" *giggles*
01/10/13--Jasmine: "I'm having a good day. Do you know why? Because last night at Awana, Lilly prayed for everyone to have a good day tomorrow."
01/12/13--1st "object stuck-in-nose" incident.  Acacia put a piece of a small foam letter in her nose with help from Jasmine.
01/17/13--Jasmine lost her first tooth.  Pulled it out herself.
01/20/13--A little tie mannequin became Jasmine's friend while we were shopping at Herbergers. She danced with him, kissed him, and cried when we told her she couldn't take him home. She told us on the way home that she liked the way he was dressed. 
02/03/13--The girls got echo microphones at Target for a dollar and on the way home Jasmine was pretending she was leading a church service. She asked for a volunteer to come up and pray and then she started preaching about how we're suppose to like God when we are having a good day and even when we are sick or when our head itches.
02/25/13--My kids are strange. Jasmine & Acacia are dancing around the house singing "Martin Van Buren, Martin Van Buren."
03/09/13--Eden: "God's burps would be so loud it could turn the earth upside down!"
03/21/13--Kira was cryin' and said, "mama". I know it was probably just baby babble but it made my heart happy and she stopped crying when Russ gave her to me, so I'm gonna count it as her first word.  :)
03/22/13--Jasmine said that she dreamt that God was on the earth and you could just see His feet. And Plankton (from Spongebob) tried to climb up His leg to get to God but he couldn't and then God burped and it was so loud that it burst everyone's ears up to God!
03/26/13--"Goweg"= the way Jasmine spells "going".
03/30/13--Kira is sitting up!
04/21/13--Jasmine (my little queen of random) made my day today when I was dropping her of at Awana and she looked up at me and said, "Mommy, you look really pretty." 
06/15/13--My Dad, the girls and I were sitting outside looking at the stars when Jasmine speaks up and says, "I can't color as good as God can."
07/16/13--Jasmine: "I like the name Jubilee (her middle name) so much because it makes me think of a marshmallow."
07/20/13--Jasmine: (after several people commented on what a pretty princess she is). "But I'm not a princess. I'm just a human wearing a crown."
07/26/13--Jasmine: "Everyone poops. Even the Fed-Ex guy."
07/29/13--Acacia & I were talking about how we were gonna love each other forever and ever and ever and she says, "AND I will love you on Tuesday!"
08/10/13--Jasmine: "Teenage mutant ninja turtles don't exist." Russ: "How do you know?" Jasmine: "Turtles don't fight. They go slow."
08/12/13--Acacia: "Guess what! I have cucumbers in my shoes."
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