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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More Cute things my kids have said

March 15, 2010:  Last night Jasmine was worried about monsters & pirates; Eden 'reassured' her by explaining "There are no monsters & pirates in our world--only bad people."

March 23, 2010:  I was singing the alphabet song to my girls skipping every other letter and Jasmine speaks up and say, "Mommy, stop it!  That's making me frustrating!"

March 25, 2010: Jasmine is the queen of random comments. Eden & I were talking about how Daddy & I love each other & got married and got kissed and Eden says we didn't have any kids and then my tummy got big and we did have kids and then Jasmine speaks up..."No! Monsters don't have three legs!"

March 27, 2010:  Russ was playing with Jasmine and she said, "Daddy carry me in there!"  He asked her "why?" She answered, "be just cuz." 


March 28, 2010:  Eden: "Is God a cloud?"  Me: "No, God made the clouds." Eden: "Is God made of gold? What color is He?" Me: "God is all colors because God is Light." Eden: "I want God to be a cloud."  I told her that God could be in the cloud but wasn't actually the cloud itself.  She says: "I don't know what God looks like." Me: "I don't know what he looks like either."  We discussed the nature of God a little bit and then I told her, "I think He sparkles like a diamond!"   Eden replied "No, I think he has skin & has a brown thing on him.  I asked her what the brown thing was and she eventually got across that she was talking about a rope that went around his robe.  I kept trying to get her to explain further and she started getting frustrated.  Finally she rolled her eyes, crossed her arms and said,"Oh, just forget it!"


April 5, 2010:  At lunch today Eden said, "I'm just going to drink water. I don't want juice because it will make my brain fall over dead."


April 13, 2010: Eden (who is suppose to be cleaning her room) comes out and asks, "What did the cow say when he went over the house?" I said, "i dunno, what?" "Moo!" I laugh at her & she smiles to herself. She then asks, "What did the cow say when he jumped over the moon?" "what?" She ponders a second with a little grin..."ummm...... moo!" I laugh..."Go clean your room."


April 14, 2010: Today while Jasmine was getting dressed she says, "I'm completely compared." I have no idea what she meant by that. I think she was just trying to sound grown up! :p


April 14, 2010: Eden just called her rotini, "Doingy noodles"! I like that.


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Tiffany said...

Ooooooh! So cute! Love the "doingy noodles". I bet that will stick!