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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Eden's new bangs

Eden's hair has always been a problem...

First of all my kids have not been blessed with long flowing, fast growing hair...oh, no!  Instead they have to wait until their 2nd birthday before they can even claim to have hair!  On top of that Eden was cursed with her father's double crown & my unevenness.  The hair on her sides has yet to truly reach her shoulders.  But the one lucky thing is she did not get my cowlick so she has the ability to sport bangs.  I have cut/trimmed her hair very minimally and have tended to be extra cautious when I have taken scissors to it.  But after having several people ask me if we were growing her bangs out, I decided that perhaps it was about time I attempted to give her "real" little girl bangs.  So I did.  Unfortunately, Eden hates them.  She just cannot stand having the hair sit on her forehead! She spent a half hour crying about it this morning before dance class and she spent a good portion of the afternoon complaining about them & trying to push them out of the way.   I'm hoping she'll get used to them.  I spent half my life trying to force bangs in spite of my very, very horrid cowlick so it pains me to see her training them to fall to the sides.   But if she still insists in a few weeks that she doesn't like them,  I guess I will let her have her way & grow them out.  What do you think?