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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mischievous Jasmine

Thursday was an interesting day.  Jasmine was getting into mischief every time I turned around.  A short run down of her misadventures.

1st--She got into the lotion in mommy & daddy's room and rubbed it all over in her hair & on her face.  (See pictures below.)  As a result:  I sprayed her down in the shower.

2nd--She spilled water all over her bedroom floor & didn't tell me about.  As a result:  One of her books got completely soaked and I gave the girls another lecture about why it is important not to leave toys & books on the floor and to please tell mommy or daddy if you spill water on the floor so we can get you a towel to clean it up.
3rd--She got into the cat food bag & was "snacking" on it.  As a result:  I had to explain to her (yet again) that that cat food is only for the kitty and not for little girls.  Please DO NOT eat cat food!
4th--She got a hold of the cinnamon, took the lid off, spilled it all over the counter, all over the bar stool & ate some of it so that it was all over her mouth & clothes.  As a result: I washed her face & made her change her clothes and then had to clean up the counter & chair.
5th--She finished off my red bull.  I don't know if she actually drank it or if she just spilled it.  It was almost gone so she couldn't have had much.  As a result:  I didn't get to enjoy that last few precious drops of my liquid energy.
6th--She moved a stool over to the counter and was eating butter out of the tub & jelly out of the jar with a butter knife.  As a result:  I took everything away & had to wash her face yet again!
7th--She found a pair of my scissors & was using them to prod one of her toys.  As a result I kicked her out of the room & put my scissors further out of reach.

Some days of motherhood are just exhausting....
Have you ever had one of those days?


Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness!! What a pill!! But she is just sooo cute! {grin}

fullofgracex7 said...

Not laughing at you...maybe with you at this point in your day? But mostly laughing because I have sooo been there so many times!! Good thing there are so many precious times to offset these huh? :)