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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eden, Eden...the cupcake maker

Eden got some money for Easter this year and has been asking us to allow her to buy a 'cupcake maker.'  She was referring to something she saw in the toy aisle at Target several months ago.  I told her we would look.  While we were out of town this weekend I took her to Big Lots and they had what she was looking for...but it required the use of a microwave.  We do not have a microwave so I told her that we couldn't buy it.  As we were shopping there, however, we also came across a real 'kitchen appliance' cupcake maker for the same price.  It is kind of like a waffle iron...for cupcakes!   We purchased it and she was SUPER excited.  Yesterday we put it to use.  It was such a joy teaching her how to bake.  Jasmine got in on the action a little, too, but she mostly just enjoyed all the sugary tastes!

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