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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm a winner!

Over the past two months I have entered several contests on miscellaneous blogs that I read.  I was so thrilled when I won two of them within a week!  But when I entered the contest I blogged about HERE and then won...well 'thrilled' just doesn't explain how I felt.  I decided to give shout outs to those who have generously allowed me to experience the joy of being a winner and to show off my prizes.

In early March I entered a giveaway from Fits and Giggles of the Hawaiian Heldts and won a t-shirt.   I can't show you a pic of that though because I haven't received it yet.

A week later I won some dipping mustard from from Thrifty Living.   I recently got it in the mail and I gotta say....."Tasty!" 

But the giveaway from Chocolate Silver Designs out of Highlands Ranch, CO just made my month.  They were giving away a handmade Family Birthstone Pendant...and I won!!  I got it in the mail this past Saturday and I think its beautiful!  It has each of my girls' birthstones and it is so light...It is something I totally would have picked out for myself!  The only problem is that Miss Acacia has recently started grabbing anything within her reach and necklaces pose too much of a temptation for her so it may be awhile before I can wear it regularly.  Don't you think it is beautiful?


Anita Johnson said...

It's not easy to be a winner...so winning twice in a week IS a big deal. The necklace is beautiful too!

Julie said...

I love the necklace. Beautiful. The mustard made me chuckle...not sure why! ;)

Gina said...

Whenever I think about my tasty mustard, I think of the line from 'A Chrismas Story"--"It's a major award!" (I'm pretty proud of it...even if it is just mustard! haha.)