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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Yesterday was a good day.  You know it was one of those days when things went my way and I got motivated and accomplished everything I set out to and then some.It was especially nice since last week I had one of the opposite kind of days where I didn't accomplish a single thing and just felt like the whole day was a waste.  But yesterday was a good day and I want to relish in all I accomplished.  :)

My Day--

Got up.
Talked to Russ on the phone. (He is working out of town for a couple days.)
I fed the kids breakfast.
Fed the cat.
Got dressed.
Unloaded the dishwasher.
Got the kids dressed.
Loaded them up and went shopping at the natural food store.
Dropped Eden off at dance class.
Made a return at Wal-mart.
Dropped something in the mail.
Picked Eden up from dance.
Stopped & got the girls lunch from Sonic.
Came home & ate lunch.
Put Acacia down for a nap.
Had Jasmine pick up her toys.
Got Eden started on some homework.
Had a red bull.
Swept the kitchen.
Straightened up one of the guest rooms.
Started some laundry.
Loaded the dishwasher.
Wiped down the counters.
Helped Eden with more homework.
Picked up the living room.
Rearranged the furniture.
Got Acacia up from her nap. Swept the living room.
Vacuumed the rugs.
Had Eden pick up her toys.
Put in another load of laundry.
Gathered up and took out all the trash.
Got the girls supper.
Cleaned out the fridge.
Made myself a nutritious salad with some leftover steak.
Ate it while watching 'The Biggest Loser'
Sorted through & put away all my 2010 Christmas cards.
Put Acacia to bed. Prepared some documents for an insurance claim.
Entered receipts into my computer.
Let the girls watch a half hour of tv.
Sent the girls to bed.
Put on my jammies.
Talked to Russ on the phone.
Put in another load of laundry.
Finished all the misc. cleaning/picking up in the living room & kitchen.
Brushed my teeth.
Did my Bible reading/devotion.
Went to sleep.

:)  This is what productivity looks like.  :)

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