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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cute things my kids have said--Part VII

It's been awhile since I updated my "cute things" series so here it is.
(as a reference for those who do not know us well Eden is 5, Jasmine is 3, & Acacia is 1.) 
Oct. 7, 2010:  I asked Jasmine if she knew what 'awkward' means. She said, "Yes. 'Awkward' means when you take pictures."
Oct. 9, 2010:  This morning Eden told us that Russ has red rivers on his eyes.
Oct. 9, 2010:  Jasmine: "Mommy, I really want to touch a cloud in the sky."
Oct. 9, 2010:  We drove by the hospital and there was a woman pushing a man in a wheelchair and Eden says, "Mom, I saw a broken guy."
Oct. 10, 2010:  Acacia has had a language explosion this week! In the last several days she has really begun to talk and has said lots of new understandable words...a few being (in no particular order): "Eden, egg, nose, hair, ear, I love you, too, Whereisit, Russ, yes, baby, write, Jasmine, papa, up"
Oct. 11, 2010:  We couldn't find Jasmine's "Woobie" last night so this morning she went outside to look for him...she comes back without him and says to me, "Woobie's in danger of bad guys."
Oct. 15, 2010:  Jasmine waved a magic wand and comes up to me and says, "Mommy, I turned our house into Magical Land."
Oct. 18, 2010:  I got to meet Eden's new imaginary boyfriend, "Wyatt" today. She told me that he has brown hair, blue eyes and likes to wear a green shirt with blue pants. After further questioning I'm pretty sure this is her guy...
Nov. 1, 2010:  Btw...my baby Acacia is walking. :)
Nov. 2, 2010:  Eden: "When I grow up and become a mom then I will make the decisions. I will boss my kids around. I will tell them to pick up their room. I will tell them to come eat supper. I will tell them not to eat too much candy or it will rot their teeth out. I will tell them everything that I learned."
Nov. 6, 2010:  Eden: "All this yawning is making me want coffee."
Nov. 6, 2010:  Jasmine: "Daddy, all my cheerios look like traffic lights."
Nov. 8, 2010:  Eden: "Mom, I love band-aids. Do you know why? Because I can touch them & look at them & peel them if I want. That's why I like them."
Nov.  11, 2010:  I mentioned to my girls that today is Veteran's Day and Eden says, "I can't wait until it is Saint SpongeBob's Day!"  (I think she got that because of St. Patrick's day...as Patrick is a character on Spongebob.)
Nov. 13, 2010:  Jasmine: "My elephant needs more juice for it's batteries."
Nov. 16, 2010:   So cute hearing Acacia try to say "applesauce" :)
Nov. 17, 2010:  Eden is just insistent that I have 10 kids! (She's been saying this for a year...) Tonight she was saying it again and I said "But what if I don't have any more kids?" "No." "But what if I only have 4 kids?" "Then I would be sad." "Why?" "Because I don't want to have that low of family."
Nov. 17, 2010:  Eden just said.. "Jasmine, come on! My heart necklace will keep us safe from nerds." When I asked her about it she said, "Nerds chase us and we say 'Eeeww' and run away."
Nov. 17, 2010:  My kids are on a roll tonight. Apparently Jasmine's "boyfriend" Arthur broke up with her and they were calling him a stupid jerk. I could here them downstairs yelling at him. They told me he said he doesn't like her anymore but now she's with Alpha Pig who does love her and said he wouldn't break up with her. :)
Nov. 19, 2010:  Eden: "Wearing lip balm turned us into Hickinchicks. Hickinchicks are really pretty girls."
Nov. 21, 2010:  Another thing I never thought I'd say: "Girls, no more throwing underwear into the tree."
Nov. 22, 2010:  Eden is learning about Vikings today and I asked her where Vikings lived. Her answer "Denmark...Milwaukee"
Nov. 24, 2010:  Today Eden was writing and she said, "Mom, how do you spell JT? JT is my cousin from Grandma Veda."
Dec. 1, 2010:  Yet another thing I never thought I'd say: "No! You don't need to spank the soap."
Dec. 8, 2010:  Eden: "I got something that tastes like Reese and is a buttercup."
Dec. 9, 2010:  Teaching Eden the difference between odd numbers & even numbers...and she got really upset with me because she likes sevens..."They are NOT odd!"
Dec. 19. 2010:  During supper out of nowhere Jasmine says to me, "I love you, Mama. I like everything that you do."
Dec. 21, 2010:  My kids have started making up their own jokes. For example: "Knock, knock. Who's there? Potato. Potato who? Potato I want to spy on you. *giggles*"
Jan. 12, 2011:  Jasmine-"Mommy, I look like Hannah Montana. I got sparkly pants!"
Jan. 26, 2011:  I asked Jasmine what she wants to be when she grows up...she said, "I want to be a mommy. So I can do dishes."
Jan. 27, 2011: Today at lunch the kids were doing the "What if" thing and Eden said, "What if we had candy boogers. Then everyone would eat their boogers!"
Feb. 10, 2011:  This morning Eden was showing me some Valentine's she made and I told her, "You are a creative little girl." She smiled and said, "Yeah I really am creatable."
Feb. 13, 2011: Caught Acacia blowing raspberries on the toilet seat.
Feb. 15, 2011: This morning during breakfast I was listening to Nicole C. Mullen and Jasmine asks, "Is this Fresh Beat Band?" Oh, Nickelodeon what have you done?

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