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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cute things my kids have said--Part VI

September 7, 2010:  My baby girl is ham! Acacia kept making this cheesy smile face with her head thrown back & her eyes all squinty! I laughed so hard I cried and had a gut ache.


September 8, 2010:  When I got up my girls were in the living room with their huge tub of crayons dumped on the floor sorting out the "sparkly ones" & the "naked ones" from the rest.


September 9, 2010:  Yesterday I asked Eden who her best friend is, She said, "Teagan, I mean Shawn." Then Jasmine spoke up and said, "nuh uh...it's me!"


September 9, 2010:  Eden--"Jill's my aunt. She's like an ant with legs." The really funny part was her gestures when she said "with legs"


September 14, 2010:  For some unknown reason, my two older girls have started calling Acacia, "Scrungy"


September 17, 2010:  Acacia got her second tooth (front lower left) and she started saying "uh oh."


September 19, 2010:  Eden talking to Jasmine at the dinner table, "'Stupid' is a bad word." "'Idiot' is a bad word." "What else is a bad word? Let's see, I already said 'stupid' and 'idiot'...hmm 'shut up'. Oh yeah..'shut up' is also a bad word."


September 20, 2010:  Eden was telling me that Jasmine's imaginary boyfriend, Arthur, cut her imaginary boyfriend, Nathan's, arm and then Nathan cut Arthur's arm and then the doctor told them that they should be friends so they told each other their names. Now they are playing basketball together.


September 20, 2010:  Jasmine: "I'm not saying bad words, I'm saying good words. Like, A cat must be in trouble but I don't hear a cat."


September 23, 2010:  Jasmine's first words to me in the morning: "My sleep was about flowers."


September 24, 2010:  First thing in the morning Jasmine says to me, "I love you, Mom. I wish there was ice cream snow in our yard."


October 5, 2010:  Acacia said, "Kitty"


October 6, 2010:  Acacia can say, "Eden"


October 6, 2010:  We saw a preview for Disney's Tangled...and there is a part where the girl (I'm assuming Rapunzel) drops her hair and it falls on the guys head and knocks him down...Eden says, "When I grow up I want to hit a guy like that!"


October 6, 2010:  Jasmine came up to me and said, "I love you as big as the outside world and I love you as big as the inside world. That's how much I love you!"

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Sandi said...

Your girls have such imaginations. The cute things they come up with. Enjoy reading them and what memories to journal.