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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Worldview Analysis

I just wanted to share this insightful link with my readers. It is an open letter from Summit Ministries' Chuck Edwards to the Fox News' 'Fox and Friends' morning show concerning their underlying worldviews & assumptions. Their website describes it this way,

"The following is an open letter to the news anchors of Fox and Friends, the morning show on the Fox News cable network. The letter is in response to a report just released that the highest paid university employee in the nation was the football coach at the University of Southern California, Pete Carroll, who received $4.42 million in 2007. The three anchors, Steve, Gretchen, and Brian, discussed whether universities should be paying salaries this high in light of our current economic recession. As I suggest in this open letter, a little "worldview analysis" would have enhanced the discussion and enlightened viewers."
It contains great 'food for thought' while watching any news program. Perhaps we need a little 'worldview analysis' of our own to make sure we're not buying the assumptions they are selling.


ProudMom said...

Gina...I have a feeling that you and I struggle with the same, constant...even growing "ARG!" feeling in regards to our government....good article/letter. I could go on...but I think it's best if I don't. Know that I find you a kindred spirit. :)

Gina said...

Thanks, ProudMom. Know that I feel the same about you! :)