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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Memories of Great-Grandpa Aaron

Recently a friend of mine sent me some stuff she had that I had written and sent to her back in the summer of 2000. One of the things I wrote was about a dream I had involving my great grandfather who died in 1988. I decided to share this memory with you.
"The other night I had a dream. My great grandpa H. was in it so alive and unbelievably clear and real. I hadn't thought about him at all in such a long time. He died before Jill was born when I was just eight years old so I didn't really even know him that well. But in my dream he was as real as he ever could be. He wasn't doing anything too spectacular. Just sitting in Grandma's kitchen next to Great-grandma playing with his glasses. He hardly ever wore his glasses when I knew him. He only wore them to read and most of the time I was around him he just napped on the couch. But somehow my dream remembered those glasses. The weird part about the dream was that I knew that he was supposed to be dead. Everyone around me seemed to know he was there but didn't directly interact with him. I spoke to him and he to me but everyone else went about their business around us. He laughed to me about his glasses. And I just about wanted to cry. I wanted to hug him...but I didn't. He looked too cute and so loving and so alive sitting there in his old blue cardigan. It was almost as if he returned from death to visit my dream so that I could remember the love from him that I never thought about, noticed or cared about. I don't remember anything about my direct interaction with him when I was young. But now as a young woman I met him and have a memory of his loving sweet face greeting me from the grave. Meeting me in my sleep to let me know he loves me."
GreatGrandpa & Me--Easter 1982

4-generation pic-Easter 1980

Aaron & Mildred-50th Anniversary-1984

Mildred & Aaron-Christmas 1977


Meanma said...

I forgot how much I missed him untill I saw those pictures. I started to cry. Thank you for remembering him. He was a really neat person. Love, Mom

Missy said...

What a beautiful story! Thank your for sharing it...