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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby Noah

My best friend, C. (who is now living so far away in Michigan) had her first child last week. I have been so anxious to hear how things went for her and to see photos of the special little boy who finally made my friend a mom. She called me last night and filled me in on all the details of her labor & delivery and today her dear husband was kind enough to send me some photos.

She was a week or so past her due date and ended up being induced (which was something she was hoping to avoid) but after only about 8-9 hours of labor (over an hour of which was spent pushing...yuck!) Noah was born sometime after 3 am on Wednesday morning, April 8th. He was 21 inches long; 7 lb 3.8 oz. Due to some minor issues, C. had to stay in the hospital an extra couple days for observation and ended up not being released until around supper time on Friday.

They are doing well. Feeling blessed but quite worn out & somewhat overwhelmed at the thought of the new responsibility this new life has brought into theirs. As with any new parents they could certainly use your prayers. I am so happy for them and had to share with the world their joy! World...meet Noah James!

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