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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eden's Ear Piercing

Sunday afternoon Eden got her ears pierced. She has been saying for several months now that she wished her ears were pierced. After mentioning that again to us Sunday morning, we went to the mall and when we saw the sign for Ear Piecing at the jewelry store, Russ said, 'Okay." and he took her in and she was so brave. The girl who did it was very good with her and Eden really surprised me. She made a shocked look when the first earring went in but she never freaked out and never cried. She spent the rest of the afternoon strutting around the mall like hot stuff. Pretty proud of her new accessories. I had my ears pierced at the mall in Rapid City, SD when I was four. I am still amazed that my parents agreed to it but I remember that day quite clearly and was always very pleased with that memory. Mom says that she felt a sense of regret as soon as my ears were done that day. I must say I had a similar feeling as we drove home from the mall on Sunday. It wasn't regret, exactly, just a sense of the irreversibility of the situation and a hope that we made the right decision letting her take this step at such a young age.

She looks so grown up.

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Amanda said...

Aww! She is so dang cute! Abby's been begging for about a year to get her ears "pinched", but she freaks out every time we get to Claire's. I figure when she quits panicking then she will be ready.