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Monday, March 23, 2009

Yard Work

So yesterday we skipped church to spend the day working in our yard. We knew this horrible winter storm was coming & decided that we'd take advantage of our beautiful 80 degree day to rake up our front yard & burn the debris in preparation for 'Growing a Lawn-attempt 2.' It was a job! Our neighbor came over & helped us watch the fire for awhile. The girls enjoyed being outside. I got a fair amount of sun & finished the day with really sore hands but hopefully it will be worth it. We're hoping this moisture helps mix the ashes into the ground to make it more fertile for growing our grass. Our lawn is really sad. Can't really call it a lawn, I guess--our 'yard' is really sad. Our neighbors all have immaculately kept lawns & ours is a mess of dirt & weeds.. with a lone little patch of grass under the tree where it is shaded. Last year we planted grass seed but I don't think we planted quite enough & we also didn't keep it watered so it was unsuccessful. This summer we plan to get our sprinkler system fixed up & in working order so we don't have that same problem again. Also this year, with the realization that I can plant a seed & water it but only God can make it grow, I am going to rely more on His help in having a successful lawn growing experience. Dear Lord, please choke out the weeds & let the grass seed flourish! Amen.

By the Way: Eden took these two photos of us working. Good job little girl!

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