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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cute things my kids have said--Part IV

May 17, 2010--I was teaching Eden her address & phone number today...after going over it several times, I asked her, "So, what's your address?" She answered with a question in her voice, "Slash dot com?"

May 20, 2010--Eden: "It's raining cotton today, Mom! Did you know that?"

May 24, 2010--Eden said, "My eyeballs tell a story & my eyebrows have a secret."

June 1, 2010--Eden talking to her cousin, Gabe, about God: "God is up where He can see everything. Did you know that? And when we die we get to go up to heaven. I can't wait to see Him. Can you?"

June 8, 2010--Eden: (While watching the new Alice in Wonderland) "I'm glad I'm not in that world." and "I'm never gonna fall into a rabbit hole."

June 10, 2010--Eden told me that she is going to Bavalon (Babylon) to talk to the king. He wants to marry her but she's gonna say no because he's a bad guy and then throw him in the lion den! Haha...I think she mixing the stories of Esther & Daniel.

June 11, 2010--I was talking to Acacia & said, "Are you hungry? Do you want some baby food?" At that point Jasmine spoke up and said, "I'm hungry. I want some kid food."

June 15, 2010--I told Eden that she had 10 min to finish cleaning her room...she said she was finished. I was impressed until I realized that she used the "stuff everything under the bed trick."  It didn't pass the Mommy inspection!

June 23, 2010--Eden told me that her boyfriend did everything she wanted him to do. Like drink coffee in the morning and write in the afternoon. She says "He's earning stickers!"

June 26, 2010--Acacia started crawling.

June 27, 2010--Eden said, "When I turn sixteen I want to skate." *Pause* "And have a boyfriend."

June 28, 2010--Eden came up to me and said (out of the blue) "On my next birthday can I have a piñata with vegetables in it? Instead of candy?"


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