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I love Jesus. I love my family. I love photography. I love books. I love thinking. Probably in that order. I have a wonderful husband, five beautiful daughters, a house, and a camera. I enjoy spending time talking to my husband, playing with my girls, redecorating my house and shooting things with my camera. In my spare time, I sleep.

Monday, January 11, 2010

I Heart Faces: Best Face Photo Entry

This weeks I Heart Faces is celebrating their birthday and this week's contest is all about faces shot up close and taken recently (within the last 6 weeks). I chose to enter this photo of my middle child. I love her expression and how well it captures her own style & personality!

Please go to I Heart Faces to view the other great entries or enter your own.  There are some EXCELLENT photographers to discover over there.


Adeena said...

Adorable. Love the little ponytail! :D

Sav said...

What a cutie!

Tiffany said...

She is soo sweet! I love that lower lip. Great shot and lighting!

Tiffany said...

Tag! You're it! Come check out my blog!

Katie said...

Love it. :)