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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Book ending dissatisfaction

I've been reading quite a bit this year. Since the first of January I've read seven books. (My list is on the side bar toward the bottom here.) I've been sticking mostly with light fiction ...although by 'light' I don't necessarily mean drama free. Already a couple of the books I've read have involved murders & cover-ups & whatnot..it's just that they hinge more on the everyday lives of the characters than on the drama. Over half are what would be considered "christian fiction". They are very enjoyable books to read but something I've noticed over the course of the last year in my experiences with this kind of fiction book (this lighter more narrative fiction as opposed to the Crichton & Grishom's that I used to read in my high school days) is that the endings always seem to be weak. The books themselves can be excellent captivating page turners and then it always feels like they just sort of end. Like somehow they just don't leave me totally satisfied when they're finished. I'm not sure if this is just a perception thing (like a phase I'm going through) or if it seriously is a weakness of the books I'm reading. Like I said, I don't remember this feeling occurring with the thrillers I read in high school and I don't recall experiencing this with any of the classics I read in college. It's just a recent phenomena but since my choice in books has changed I assume that perhaps it's just the genre. Anybody else have any thoughts on this?

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ProudMom said...

Hmm...you think it's the Christian fiction that's lacking in good endings? :) You know, it's been a long time since I've read a good novel, so I'm having to really think back...I read "Thr3e" by Ted Dekker, and I loved it. Then, I was a little disappointed with everything else I read of his. I found that the Circle Trilogy was captivating as you say...but a little...anticlimactic maybe? When I think of the best books I've read in recent years...most are not fiction. But, I used to LOVE reading a good novel. Maybe we're too mature for them now!? :) Let me know if you find a super great one. Have your read "The Shack"? I've heard about it and my aunt lent it to me...but I'm expecting it to be...sacreligious or something...I'm afraid. :)