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Monday, August 16, 2010

To my husband...

Seven years ago,
I was giddy with joy at the prospect of being your wife.
And now today,
I marvel at how the years have made us more in sync.

Our love may be stronger
But our understanding has grown by leaps & bounds.
And what we may have lost in passion,
We have gained tenfold in appreciation & perceptiveness.

We are different in so many ways
But we share our lives in common
And our connection to each other is a bond that depends not on seeing eye-to-eye
But rather on caring enough about the other person to trust in spite of contrasting views.
I know we have the most significant things in common…
A love & commitment to each other & to family
and the same Heavenly Father guiding our lives for His greater purpose.

Jesus knew before we were even born that we would become a family together
And even in my fears & insecurities I can trust in that.
You have always been such a wonderful supporter of me
I pray that as we grow older & stronger together,
I will learn to cheer you on and be your greatest encourager as well.

You are indeed the “Love of my Life”
And though I may struggle & may fail…
I want you to know that I will stand with you when you need me most
And will follow your lead…wherever it may take us.

My love is unconditional…

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