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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Heart faces: Photojournalism

This is a collage of my brother, father & cousin branding a calf on my parent's ranch in Nebraska.  I love the story it tells and how these photos display my dad in his element--living the life that suits him best and the emotions displayed on the faces of my brother & cousin as they get their hands dirty helping with a ranch job that is not where they are most at ease!  I like how they take us through the action & then the completion of a job well done.  I hope you like it,  too.  Feedback is appreciated!  :)


Katherine said...

Wonderful shots! I love it. And what a sweet story behind it :)

Have a wonderful day..

K xx -- www.thoseblissmoments.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Great photo's, love the element of "fun" you can see yet determination to get the job done. TFS!!

Angela said...

Great shots love the edits!

shirley said...

I can tell they were happy with a job well done. Great series.


JennyGirl Photography said...

This warms my heart. To hear you talk about your dad...my dad was a farmer/rancher too. He died very unexpectedly and I savor and cherish every single photo of him that I have...especially the ones of him doing his everyday farm work.