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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cute things my kids have said--Part V

July 8, 2010:  Eden told me that when she grows up she wants to do lots of things. She wants to be a writer and a musician. She wants to play soccer. She wants to ride her bike and throw papers at people's houses. Jasmine wants to work at a "Toast Poffice" where they make toast and she wants to swim at the ocean. :) 

July 10, 2010:  Eden told Jasmine's imaginary boyfriend to "Zip it!" and Jasmine got so mad and was standing in front of "him" and was yelling, "Arthur doesn't need zipped! He's being quiet!" Until Eden finally said okay & "unzipped" him! 

July 11, 2010:  Jasmine just pointed to her chest & said, "Look, Mom, my boobles." 

July 16, 2010:  While driving through the Black Hills Eden says, "There are lots of trees! There are gallons & gallons of them!"

July 20, 2010Acacia isn't much of a talker...only says "Daddy" & "hi" consistently...But *I swear!* when Jazzy came out with an icee, it sounded as if Acacia said, "Daddy, I wan popsicle."

July 20, 2010:  Eden said that she was going to eat her popsicle like Grandpa said because "He's an expert!"

July 29, 2010:  Russ & I were kissing and Eden says, "You're kissing! That's gross!" I said, "I like kissing Daddy. It's not gross." She says matter of factly, "It is to kids."

July 30, 2010:   Jasmine tattling on Eden: "Eden talked to me and ruined my day, Mommy!"

July 30, 2010:  Acacia said 'Mommy"

August 4, 2010Jasmine ran into our room and asked Russ, "Our house could be squished, could you build a new one?" He asked her how our house would get squished and she said, "A monster could squish it."

August 12, 2010According to Eden...If your socks smell really bad you call them 'gym socks'.

August 16, 2010:   Eden--"Mom do know what is my favorite animal? Squids! Squids are my favorite animal!"

August 22, 2010:  Acacia got her first tooth.  Front lower right.

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Anita Johnson said...

Great that you are writing all of these down. One of my favorite sayings my son said when he was little was "pitch white", when he saw all the snow outside. I guess that is the opposite of "pitch black".