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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's Day Mania...Whoopsie Wednesday

PhotobucketMamaM is having a Mother's Day Blog hop for the next 5 days.  Thought I'd give it a go.  Today is "Whoopsie Wednesday"  My goodness...what mom hasn't had some parenting whoopsies?  Except maybe the one who is just now looking into her firstborn's eyes at the hospital & vowing she'll never let anything remotely dangerous happen to her child.   We all know how that will turn out.  :)

There have been a few 'whoopsies' in my life...we've had our share of bumped heads & wedding ring scratches.  I never cut a baby's finger nails again after the first time clipping my firstborn's.  And I certainly wouldn't claim to be mother-of-the-year material...but over-all I think I'm a pretty good mom...I love my kids, I talk to them; I hug them; I tell them how special they are.

However-- I do have one BIG 'whoopsie' moment that I still tremble over when I think about it.  It happened a couple years ago when our 2nd born (Jasmine) was just a few months old.  We had been shopping at the mall with my sister-in-law's family all day and were at our last stop.  I had forgotten something in our vehicle so I took the baby with me as I ran back out to the van.  My oldest (Eden) was with my husband and all the cousins.  I sat the car seat down as I unlocked the van, grabbed whatever it was I had forgotten and then I ran back into the store.  I get just inside when I saw my sister-in-law.  She says, "Where's the baby?"  OH CRAP!  I panic!  I had left her in her carseat outside by the van!  I ran as fast as I could back out the door...she was still sitting there and an older lady, her daughter & her granddaughter were standing there making sure she was okay.  I cannot begin to tell you how stupid, careless, & HORRIBLE I felt...not to mention embarrassed & shook up!  It took an hour for my heart rate to slow down after that...I just kept thanking God that she was okay.

That was the biggest whoopsie I have ever had and hopefully ever will.  Thank God for mercy & grace during these crazy young parenting years.


Scrappy Gifts said...

Glad baby was okay. I've always been paranoid that it would happen to me. After having baby, your mind is just crazy and it's hard to remember everything.
Here's mine: http://craftymommydiva.blogspot.com/2010/05/mothers-day-mania-at-mama-ms-whoopsie.html

Mama M. said...

Oh my gosh!

Can you imagine what those people thought?!! But, honestly...you set something down, you pick something up...it all feels the same! I know!!

Glad everything turned out okay!

fullofgracex7 said...

been there...only once thank goodness, but until that time I thought it would never happen to me! God is good...all the time! Thank goodness for us!!! :-)

Meanma said...

I NEVER heard that story before....thank God. Love, Your Mother