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Monday, May 24, 2010

Eden...my "delight"

My little Eden is five today!  At 1:40pm, five years ago...I became a mom.  We had a little party with family & friends yesterday afternoon.  I made her a castle cake; served punch & she got a few presents.  Today she had a special daddy-daughter birthday lunch with Russ at Dairy Queen.  We have spent this afternoon in our basement watching Hannah Montana & Dora the Explorer amidst thunderstorm & tornado warnings.  It is amazing how quickly she went from my baby to my big girl.  I am so proud of her...I just love her sooo much!  Happy birthday, my darling,  I hope you enjoyed your day.


Heather said...

Sweet pictures! It sounds like she had the perfect birthday celebrations!

lovingmylife said...

Oh what a neat cake! I hope the
tornadoes stay away!

Jenilee said...

what a great cake! my girls would LOVE that castle! :) happy 5th birthday!

Anita Johnson said...

I love how you casually say, "I made her a castle cake". Oh my goodness. It's a work of art! What a cute birthday girl!

beingzaraandzidan said...

what amazing fotos! Happy B'day to ur lil girl. she is adorab;e!