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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Before & After--"April Showers"

Another Thursday, Another "Before & After" blog hop from Pixel Perfect!

Last week I took some "April Showers" themed pictures with my girls but I haven't had much time to edit them because I've been busy editing other people's photos.  So far this is the only one from that session that I've touched.  My sweet Acacia under the crab apple tree with an umbrella. 
What do you think?



I have a Canon Rebel XT and I edit using Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9.


cooperkelly4 said...

oh this is soooo cute! I love how the flowers really stand out, but your baby is just adorable here.

Tiffany said...

She is too cute and getting so big! I like your edit. The saturation really makes it pop!

laney said...

Love this picture. The edit is great! This is so far my favorite!

Great job!

Pixel Perfect said...

What sweet picture! The edit is beautiful!!

Stefanie said...

So lovely, beautiful child and a gorgeous edit!!

Donna said...

Makes me smile big! Love the bare tootsies! Really good editing!

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Sarah said...

Oh my goodness...soo soo cute! Beautiful edit!

Foursons said...

Great job editing! Beautiful photo and I love that you are my newest follower!