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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

15 Reasons I'm glad I'm not pregnant anymore

1) No more acid reflux.
2) I can lay on my stomach.
3) I can make it up the stairs without stopping to rest.
4) Less visits to the bathroom.
5) Reclining on my bed is comfortable again.
6) I can see past my belly button.
7) I can put on my socks.
8) I can shave my legs.
9) My clothes fit me again.
10) I no longer waddle.
11) I don't scrape my belly on the edge of the bathroom sink or the doorknobs anymore.
12) I can stand up without assistance.
13) Hugs are less awkward.
14) No feet in my lungs.

the best reason of all...

15) I have my sweet baby in my arms!


ProudMom said...

All right, all right...don't rub it in. :) Most of the things you mentioned I haven't experience yet this pregnancy...but I know they are coming soon. :) However, I don't know if I get back to normal as quickly as you!! How exciting! I'm glad for you that you're feeling more normal. :)

Shay said...

This should be the WORST post ever! Gina, why I can't believe you're braggin!!! This SO is not far. Specially when I was having contractions 2 days ago and nothing now. :)

My favorite at the moment, I can't wait to say are #'s 2,6,8,9,***11,**12, and ***************14!!!! I don't remember my other kids kicking me as bad as this one! Oh heck all reasons are sounding like a wonderful dessert I'm craving :) I'm so glad you have your sweet baby girl in your arms! Congrats girl!