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Monday, March 14, 2011

'I Skrem Stand'

Yesterday afternoon spring was in the air.  After some thought, Eden comes to us with this fun idea of setting up an ice cream stand.  She had written the above sign and insisted Daddy help her find two sticks to attach it to and secure in the ground.  We corrected her spelling error and while she wrote a new sign, he went to the garage to find her the specific "sticks" she insisted were necessary.  Not only did Daddy help her tape the sign to the boards but he also got a shovel and dug a hole in the ground at the front of our yard facing the road to keep it up.  :)

After putting on a jacket she got all her "ice cream" making supplies and meticulously set up shop.

I then requested she make me a bowl to try out.  I had my choice of "strawberry", "lime, "grape" & "orange".  I chose grape.  She put a lot of careful work into it and then handed it over.  I thought it was pretty and "tasty"!  :)

After I left, she decided she needed to upgrade her shop to an actual table & chair. 

It wasn't long before she got her first real "customer."  Our neighbor was sweet enough to indulge Eden's little game and even paid 60 cents for her Play-Doh sundae.  :)  

It was so nice to have the kids playing outside, running, laughing, and using their imaginations.  I am so looking forward to summer and more extended play times just like this!  :)


Anita Johnson said...

That is so cute! Nice to be outside too! Congrats on your followers...we like your photos!

Sandi said...

How wonderful to see this in a day and age where alot of kids don't know how to have fun and use their imaginations without a remote or computer device in their hands. I liked this.