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Saturday, February 13, 2010


Day 6 of Mama M's Valentine's Day Extravaganza is Picture Day--Displaying a favorite photo of  me & my love!  I'm gonna bend the rules a little and show off favorite pictures of Russ & me from each year we've been together!

2003: This was taken at the Grand Canyon when we were just dating.

2004:  This was taken outside the Outback Steakhouse the day after we moved to Colorado Springs.

2005: This was a picture of us decked out in our Awana shirts while expecting our first baby!

2006:  A picture of us on our 3rd anniversary.

2007:  Celebrating our 4th Anniversary with a trip to PF Changs!

2008:  First was taken in July...second is from our 5th Anniversary.

2009:  Taken at the local zoo.

2010:  Married 6 1/2 years and still crazy about each other!

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Mama M. said...

Awwww, Gina! First, lemme just say, I love rule benders!

Second, I'm sooooo glad you broke the rules, 'cuz those are some adorable photos!!!

Meanma said...

When did you go to the Grand Canyon when you were just dating? You were married then, weren't you?

Gina said...

Mom! Are you serious? I still have the poem you wrote to us before we went. You weren't too thrilled with the idea at first!