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Sunday, February 14, 2010

10 Things I love about my love

It's Valentine's Day!  As such it is the final day of Mama M's week long blog hop.  Today's blog...Ten things I love about my love!  And, in no particular order, ten of the (many) things I love about Russ.

1) I love how charming he is.  People just love him.  Get him in a situation where he's meeting new people and he'll just charm their socks off!

2) He is incredibly witty!  The things he says are funny in such a clever way.  He's always making me laugh! 

3) He is super cute! 

4) He is conscientious.  He appreciates efficiency & things being done well.

5) He loves Jesus.

6) He is very generous...with his time as well as his possessions.

7) He takes time to make kids feel important.

8) He tells me how special I am to him, he holds me close, he encourages my interests, he spends time with me.

9) He is honest & trustworthy.

10) He chose me to be his lifelong partner in love!

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