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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Organizational Enjoyment Disorder

Call me crazy if you want to but I just love to organize things. I don't know what it is but I get great satisfaction out of taking what appears to be a chaotic mess and turning it into a manageable organized system of items. I have spent many a day organizing books, organizing boxes, organizing files on my computer. Heck, I've even spent time at stores organizing their cd or movie inventories. In some ways, I really enjoyed the many times we moved in the first few years we were marred because it gave me a chance to utilize my organizational skills. The problem I'm having now is that my house is pretty organized...granted there are always new piles to be sorted and accumulated items to be put away, new photos to be put in scrapbooks, but the number of real untapped challenging messes are diminishing at a rapid pace. I now find myself looking for ways to improve upon my already organized systems. Reorganizing what has already been organized. My most current project being the basement storage room. I have been going through all the boxes looking for items that I can throw away, get rid of, or consolidate. It has been a fairly successful endeavor. I went from having no empty shelves to having several so I have to say it has been quite satisfying. But where do I go from here? I am almost restless looking about the house and finding nothing to organize. I am now inventing organization projects for myself, borrowing other peoples messes to organize. On a recent visit to my sister-in-law's house I went through her boxes of photographs and try to sort them for her...it was a slightly overwhelming task for a holiday weekend so I only did a very minimal job of it . (Perhaps giving me something more to do in the future!) I also borrowed some of my favorite photos of hers, bringing them home to scan into my computer and sort into the various folders on my harddrive. Perhaps it is a sickness to enjoy organizing as much as I do but when I go to people's houses and see a messy closet or a box of papers or pictures or cds or anything...I downright salivate at the prospect of getting my hands dirty in putting them all back in some sort of order! I wonder if they have a name for this problem...Organizational Enjoyment Disorder or something. If only there was an obvious way for me to capitilize on my sickness.....hmmm?

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