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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The enmity between me & food

I hate food...or perhaps I should say, I hate the need for food. I began thinking about my unusual animosity toward eating last Thanksgiving or Christmas when we were playing 'Loaded Questions' and the question was "If you had to give up one of your five senses which would you give up?" Everyone said their sense of smell except for me...I said taste. That seriously made me stop and think...sense of smell never even occurred to me. Food & I have a very close but heated relationship. My whole life pretty much revolves around food...which I resent. I am always worrying about the next meal...because if I get too hungry...I fall apart. I think that there must be something physically wrong with me that causes these physical and emotional crashes that happen pretty much anytime I go more that 6 hours without food. Not only that, but I have had serious struggles with IBS in the past which certainly hasn't encouraged a love for eating. Another factor that has contributed to my hostility toward my need for sustenance is my growing knowledge of nutrition & health issues. Really nutritious food is seriously lacking in our society. Most of the "food" that is sold and consumed in this country barely qualifies for the title since it is so processed and loaded with chemicals that we would never consider consuming under normal circumstances. And even common fruits & vegetables are losing their value. The ground they are grown in is less than ideal for good nutrition, many are genetically modified to look good and make money at a cost to our health, they are usually drenched in pesticides and then to top it off, we usually kill any of the remaining nutrition by cooking them at ridiculously high temperatures. So, all this information in my head telling me that the food that I eat is not even doing its job in keeping me healthy but instead is probably making my body sick in subtle ways as well as the occasional IBS obvious ways, makes regular food preparation and consumption a necessary but hated aspect of my daily life. I need food, I enjoy food, but I hate and detest having to eat it.

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Anonymous said...

See, I completely LOVE food and cooking, but I am right on with you about food quality, etc. It is for these reasons that we eat mostly vegetarian food. I can't stomach the stuff they sell in the stores under the heading of 'meat.' Especially since we export meat at a much higher quality than we feed our own citizens. Sometimes we will splurge and buy some organic meat, but it's dang expensive - so we mostly go with bean or vegetable-based main dishes. And I'm with you on all the chemicals and crap too. It's awful. I've been buying organic produce for Tierney's food, but that gets to be too expensive to feed me and Trevor organic stuff too - so we just get the cheap stuff. Anyway, sorry to go off, but I'm just extremely passionate on the whole food/nutrition/quality issues.