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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A little birthday fun...

Yesterday was Eden's birthday.  Here's a rundown of the day...

She wanted a "Barbie" cake so I improvised.  ;)

She wanted to go to McDonald's and have a fruit & yogurt parfait for lunch and play in the Playplace so we did that.

Then she had dance class and after dance several of her friends met us at the zoo for an afternoon of play.  There was a peacock there that wanted in on all the action and kept following us around and freaking people out.

We were a bit worried about the weather but thankfully the rain held off until we left the zoo.

We came home & Eden opened the few gifts that we had for her. 

Then we went to supper.  Eden decided that she wanted sushi for her birthday dinner so we got  two orders of avacado rolls & one order of cucumber rolls and the girls & I polished them off.  (Yum!)

We came home had some of that cake.  Right before this next photo was taken Russ said to Eden, "Okay blow your candle out."  and she replied, "I have to think of a wish first."  This is her thinking up her wish.  :)

Then we played a game of Sequence, a game of Yahtzee, & watched   'Gnomeo & Juliet'.  
It was a good day.

(Eden in her new Hannah Montana jammies.) 

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Sandi said...

Tell her Tim and Sandi wish her happy 6th birthday, and that she is a beautiful young girl!