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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

6 Years Ago...

...I was lying in hospital bed just waiting for the pain of childbirth to be over.  It was probably about this time that I was getting my epidural and was finally able to sleep a little.  At 1:40 pm on May 24, 2005, I became a mom to this precious 5 lb 14 oz baby. (You can read a short version of her birth story HERE.) We named her Eden which means "delight" and Elizabeth which means "consecrated to God".  We loved calling her "Our delight consecrated to God."  She was a wonderfully sweet little baby and was a great child to start with.

Today she is six and it is so crazy to look back and see how she has grown and to see how that sweet temperament has manifested itself in her personality.  She is such a girly girl.  She loves wearing dresses and has pretty much worn one everyday for the last month. She is a huge fan of anything sparkly.  She is into barbies, princesses & fashion.  She has a great imagination and it is so much fun hearing her tell her stories.  She has finished Kindergarten and can read but she lacks the confidence & ambition to try anything she hasn't done before.  Eden is an excellent hula hooper.  She has above average hula hooping skills for her age. She is in dance.  She loves books & drawing.  Her current favorite shows are High School Musical, Blue's Clues, & Tangled.  She is a daddy's girl and seems most at peace when she is curled up in his lap.  She has the tendency to be overly exuberant and gets super excited about life, but conversely gets excessively upset when things don't always go her way.  As a rule she is a people pleaser and kinda shy.  She can't do anything alone because she gets scared and therefore relies on her sisters a lot.  She loved pasta & alfredo. She wants sushi for her birthday dinner but won't eat olives even though she used to love them.  Eden has a tender heart, loves animals, people & God.  She often tells me that she is "talking to God in my heart about that."  Every time (all year) she prays for a meal she prays that God will "keep the storms & hail away."  since she had a major storm & tornado warning on her birthday last year.  She is the most specialist 6 year old ever and she truly is a delight!

Happy Birthday to my Eden!

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Krzysztof said...

Beautiful Family:)



Happy Family. Im Kristofer from Poland end my dream is to have such a happy family like you