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Thursday, November 11, 2010

"I’ve been entertaining thoughts...

"I’ve been entertaining thoughts
Of what I’m gonna do...
I wish that I could say that I’ll have no regrets
But I may have one of two"

If I were to write a bucket list...naming one by one the experiences that I would wish to have during my life, one would be seeing Over the Rhine in concert. 

"Gonna put on my favorite dress.
Put my hair up too...
...Say farewell to the confines of my own back yard." 

Over the Rhine is my favorite.  I am enchanted by their sound, their versatility & the poetry of their lyrics. It makes me feel artsy, clever, profound.  It is edgy & sensual.  It makes me want to dance, sing & pray.  It makes me FEEL, period.  And I love it.

"Sweet intoxication
When your words
Wash over me
Whether or not
Your lips move
You speak to me"

I have in many ways defined myself by my love of their music and to see them in concert would help me reconnect with the part of myself that isn't just "mom" & "wife" but the part of me that is simply "woman".

"give me strength to find the road that’s lost in me
give me time to heal and build myself a dream
give me eyes to see the world surrounding me
give me strength to be only me"

During my first year of marriage, Russ & I actually bought tickets to see OTR in concert in Colorado Springs but a day before the concert (One stinking day!) the show was canceled so that Karin & Linford (the couple who IS Over the Rhine) could take some time off to work on their marriage.  Thus leading to this long seven years of trying to find another opportunity to enjoy their music LIVE.  For the longest time they never came anywhere near here for a show...then the last couple of years they have done shows in Denver at the Soiled Dove but the timing has just not worked in my favor.  Last year I was pregnant and in the middle of a kitchen remodel...and this year we already had plans the weekend of their show.  I am hoping & praying that they will be back again next year and that my cute little butt will be warming one of those seats!

"Put your elbows on the table
I'll listen long as I am able
There's nowhere I'd rather be"

I know it seems like a silly little thing.  There are so many grander things I could put on my bucket list.  This is one of the most reasonable things...I know that it is totally within my grasp but yet it is also one of the things I would most regret missing if it never happens for that very same reason.  Seven years this silly little wish has eluded me...I dare to hope that will not be the case forever.

"but tomorrow i can’t imagine
how am i supposed to know
what’s yet to go down"

"if nothing else I can dream
  I can dream"

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Simply P. said...

Congratulations! your photos are very attractive, especially those of your daughters, are made with love, I see! Greetings from Italy!