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Friday, June 25, 2010

My First "Grateful" Giveaway

Yesterday I got my 30th public follower and this post is my 300th post!!  Yay!  So I decided that in order to celebrate I would do my first giveaway.  I'm calling it my "Grateful Giveaway" because I am feeling blessed & grateful today.  

This week I had some dental work done.  I had a front tooth that was chipped and one with a lost filling.  I only had enough money to get one of them fixed.  When the dentist was numbing me up to work on the one tooth he asked me if it was okay if he went ahead and fixed the chipped tooth as well...no charge!!  And because I paid cash upfront...he also set me up with a free whitening kit ($70 value!)  I am feeling quite blessed...God also spoke to me while I was being worked on and practically gave me the giggles while the dentist had his fingers in my mouth...God has a sense of humor.  (But perhaps that's a story for another time.)

Anyway...in honor of God's many blessings and the milestones of 30 followers and 300 posts I am giving one lucky blessed person a new copy of Max Lucado's book "Traveling Light: Releasing the Burden's You Were Never Meant to Bear" (which I just read the other day) and the "NewWorldSon" cd!   

In order to be entered you just have to post a comment telling me of a recent blessing that you have experienced or something that you are particularly grateful for this week.  (Make sure you enter because odds are good that you may be the only one and will win by default...*wink*)  You can get another entry by going out of your way to bless someone else in some way this week and leaving a comment telling me what you did. 

You can also get extra entries by linking to my giveaway on your blog and posting another comment telling me you did so and/or by Facebooking about my giveaway and leaving me a comment telling me you did so.

(Remember to leave each entry as a new separate comment)

Let's give God glory this week by counting our many blessings & paying it forward!  You have a week to enter.  I will be announcing the  lucky blessed person next Friday, July 2nd.


Snapshotsofhappiness said...

Congrats on getting 30 followers and 300 posts! :) Let's see this week has been full on blessings! My mom and two youngest siblings are up for a visit that just got extended, my husband put a roof on my chicken coop, I'm exhausted from all our recent playing, working and from spending so much time outside AND I was able to spend time with my youngest sister a lone! So much to be thankful for. I truly am blessed! :)

Ryan said...

Congrats Cuz! Michelle says we have been blessed this week to have TIME to get our house cleaned and, more importantly, spending TIME together with Peyton. Pretty cool considering our God isn't bound by Time's dimension. There are too many blessings for me to even think about. I guess it's a blessing to realize I'm blessed and not just lucky :)

Sandi said...

What a cool idea, passing on the blessings to others! Our blessing was that we finished our 1st cutting hay crop in time to travel400 miles to Lincoln to watch our grandson play baseball today. Our second blessing today was that we had friends and neighbors who rounded up the cows that got out this morning after we left. You know, cows only tear down pasture fence when the rancher leaves town! Praise the Lord someone got them in so we didn't have to turn around and go back home!makik