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Monday, June 28, 2010

Momentous Monday: Adoration

A few days ago at bedtime I walked past the girls' room and Russ was tucking Jasmine in to bed and as usual they were begging for him to stay and "make up stories" with them.  It is something he started one night and they loved it and now ask for it on a regular basis.  I love that they have a daddy who is willing to sit with them and tell them stories.  I love that they are learning to use their imaginations instead of always relying on what someone else has written.

Anyway--when I walked past and saw them together I stopped & watched.  Jasmine was looking up at her dad with such love & adoration on her face!  It made me so happy and yet in a way was bittersweet because I know that this won't last.  And I know that we don't cherish it as much as we should.  Before we know it our little girls will begin to see and recognize our flaws and our failures and that unadulterated affection and that unquestioning worship type love will erode.  It is only natural...it is the way of life but for this moment our girls see us with pure unfiltered love and I want to hold onto that while I can.  The look on my daughters face as she smiled up at my husband is priceless and I just close my eyes and savor it...mmm....

I wish it could last forever.

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