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Friday, June 4, 2010

Letters of Intent: Dear cell phone company

I am participating in a different blog hop this week called 'Letters of Intent" where we get to express our joys, frustrations &  feelings from the week  in letter form to those to whom it may concern!  Hop on over to Foursons and check it out.


Dear cell-phone company:

You stink.  You are predatory, opportunistic, ravagers of our bank accounts.  Perhaps you think people like me are a bit out of touch but I really don't need half of the 400 minutes I am allowed each month on your cheapest contract plan but I couldn't stand the thought of spending the same amount of money for half as many minutes on your really ludicrous pay-as-you go plans...so here I am obligated to stick with your stupid service for two whole years or else pay your very unholy "early termination fee" which basically cancels out any savings we might have by eliminating the monthly bill!  Ah,  you think you're so clever feeding on the masses of people who want to enjoy the benefits of living in our technological culture but who really cannot afford your exorbitant prices.

You offer so-called "discounts" & "rebates" on phones (when you sign up for a two-year contract) but if a person like myself has her phone die from unnatural causes (like a swim in the porcelain pool) you insist that my phone (which was the cheapest model you had!) costs over $200 to replace.   Are you kidding me?  Am I the only person who sees through this game your playing?   Charging that kind of price for a crappy piece of electronic plastic that was probably made in some impoverished foreign country for a fraction of a penny per dollar is just plain extortion!

Maybe I could overlook some of these things if that was my only beef with you...after all we do live in a capitalistic society and I did agree to the contract and the ridiculous prices you insisted upon in spite of my reservations.  If I really wanted to protest I could have continued living my happy (yet not always convenient) cell phone-free life and not subjected myself to your fascistic control.  But you couldn't just leave it at that...you had to allow outside companies to take advantage of me without taking any responsibility for it.  It should be illegal for companies to trick me into being charged $10 a month for something that I didn't want and didn't agree to.  All I did was open and read a text I had received (which looked like gobbley-gook trash to me) and you have the audacity to take "their" side and say I "agreed to receive them" and therefore I am responsible for paying the $10 fee for it!?  Really?  I understand that it was not you (my o-so-benevolent cell phone company *heavy sarcasm*) that sent me these texts that I am now paying for but perhaps you could have warned me.  Perhaps the logical thing to do would be to block this type of text as the default on new accounts and if, for some reason,  I (your money source) want to utilize these services--then activate it at my request.

But I suspect that you don't mind so much-- because so many cell phone users will just pay whatever you (their cellphone gods) demand without so much as blinking an eye as long as they can text their friends from anywhere in the US and check the latest sports scores in real time on their iphones or Droids.   And that, of course,  means more profit for your evil wireless empire. And isn't that all you really care about, anyway?  I do believe so.

With extreme disdain,



Meanma said...

Love it!!!

Ryan said...

yeah! the first week i had my phone the evil empire tried to charge me $300 for accidently getting on the web(it wasn't a flip phone and went to the web while in my pocket). I told them they could stick their phone you know where(ok, probably not in those words, but I was thinking it). Jerks. And I bet this "accidently getting on the web" was a planned design. Good blog Cuz!

Ryan said...

Of course I didn't pay a penny btw.

Foursons said...

First off, I apologize for just getting to your letter. My niece is graduating tomorrow and I have been paying my family obligations. :)

Secondly, thanks for linking up this week! I'm so happy to have you join in.

I have had many followers (myself included) send letters like this off to big name companies with great results. I'd email them with a complaint and a link to your blog. You may see great results! Be sure to update us if you do.