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Thursday, July 23, 2009

My "I Am" Poem

Back at the end of May my sister posted an "I Am" poem that she wrote for one of her classes and several of my family members followed suit. I tried to write one at the time, following the format given here but I just couldn't seem to finish. However after writing my last post, I took another crack at it and this is what came of it...

I Am
by Gina K.C.

I am imperfect but sincere in my trying.
I wonder if God ever gets tired of waiting for me to listen to His voice.
I hear the echo of my thousands of flaws;
I see them falling at my feet, building a wall between me & Him.
I want to close my ears & eyes tight and just curl up in His Large Daddy Lap.
I am imperfect but sincere in my trying.

I pretend to be righteous but know it's a lie.
I feel the tugging of doubt on my sleeves.
I touch the eternal with gloves on my hands.
I worry that my treasures are dust but still
I cry out to Him.
I am imperfect but sincere in my trying.

I understand that life is full of mysteries.
I say "I will walk by faith."
I dream of a day when I am free from my fear.
I try to rest in His promises;
I hope I don't forget how.
I am imperfect but sincere in my trying.

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