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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mommies don't get sick days

Today my husband is sick. He has been spending his time going back & forth between his pillow & the bathroom. And I feel bad for him. Being sick sucks. I have been doing what I can to keep the children from bothering him but there is a small part of me that feels the injustice of it all. That is the part of me that will be writing this blog...

Daddy is sick so he gets to spend the day catching up on his sleep & being isolated from the demands of needy, loud & rambunctious children but when Mommy is sick...she must press on. She has to wipe stinky butts & dispose of poopy diapers in spite of the nausea; she has to get up five times in 10 minutes to refill juice cups, clean up spills, reach the crackers, find the crayons & kiss the boo boos in spite of the dizziness; she has to endure the screams, the stomping, the high pitched giggles & the obnoxious repetition of "Puff the Magic Dragon" in spite of the headache. If (heaven forbid) Mommy has tummy problems that require business in the bathroom she has to take care of said business while either being watched by her miniature groupies, or while mustering enough energy to yell "stop fighting!" or "stay out of that" from her compromised position. My point is...Mommy never gets a sick day. Sometimes Mommy needs a sick day.

I complain a lot about how I feel. (Especially lately during this particular pregnancy) and I know that my excess of complaints has done me the disservice of not being taken seriously when I am truly under the weather. It seems like while I feel crappy quite often, I am never as sick as Russ is when he gets sick. I wonder if this is true or if I am just more trained (Mommy that I am) that nausea, headaches, & tummy aches are not 'get out of jail free cards'. I am still responsible for the general well being & safety of my family even when parts of my body are threatening to explode. I certainly do a much more haphazard & grumpy job of taking care of the house & children when I am sick, but I still have to do it. And sometimes it just doesn't seem fair that Daddy doesn't.

Maybe I need to take a personal day.

Oh wait....Mommies don't get those either! Dang!

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Meanma said...

You failed to mention that even having surgery, broken bones, or being in mourning does not allow mommy's a break, either. Isn't it funny...that in spite of us taking care of our children 24/7, wiping their butts, filling their tummies, and kissing their boo-boo's, they still prefer their dads :( Unfair!