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Monday, June 22, 2009

Boosting my self-image

Lately I've been feeling pretty sloppy & overly preggo so my self-image has taken a nose dive. (It's hard to feel attractive when you can't bend at the waist or get off the couch unassisted.) Luckily, as I spent the weekend with Russ, the girls & my parents on an overnight trip out-of-town, I was given some motivation to try a little harder to make myself look good and to feel good about how I look. Mom bought me some new shirts and I actually blow dried my hair! Anyway, I'm posting one of the few photos I've gotten of me & Russ recently to remind myself that pregnancy hasn't totally eliminated my ability to look presentable & semi-attractive once in awhile.

Russ says he thinks I look beautiful all of the time, but I figure that he's probably biased or at least has good reason to lie. In any case, I'm lucky to have him.

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ProudMom said...

You do look great, but...I gotta see the belly! Right? Full body shot...profile...next time...please. :)