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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My break

So...after my last post over a week ago, I got my needed break. My parents offered to take my girls for a good portion of the week. The came up on Tuesday afternoon (my birthday) and took the girls home with them until we came up and got them on Friday night. As they were leaving, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to be without them for that long. But I did fine. As soon as they were gone Russ & I hopped in the car & drove to Ft. Collins for a birthday trip. He took Wednesday off to be with me. So we stayed the night in a motel watching a movie & eating Olive Garden take-out. And then on Wednesday we slept in and missed the free continental breakfast *darn* but it was great to be leisurely. We went to PF Changs for lunch and then we went shopping. We hit a couple thrift stores, a couple toy stores, Ross, Whole Foods & the mall. We also made a stop at the Bible Superstore so I could pick out the new bible I've been wanting as my birthday gift from Russ. We ate supper at the mall--Chic-Fil-A & Inta Juice. *yum* We finally started home at about 7:30. I was soooo tired...I thought I'd sleep on the way home but couldn't (I have a really hard time sleeping on the road.) Thursday Russ went back to work and I slept until 10:30. When I did get up, I got dressed and then sat on the couch for an hour just listening to my thoughts and the tick-tock of the clock. It was wonderful. I had no idea that just sitting could be so rewarding! In the afternoon I ran errands around town and marvelled at how easy it was not having to load & unload children from their carseats at every stop. When Russ got home we went out and ate at a local Mexican cafe and then came home & watched several hours worth of Scrubs. Friday was mostly spent preparing for a weekend with family. I was sooo happy to see my sweet girls faces smiling at me & the sweet little hugs I got when I arrived at my parents house but I was suprised how much I really did enjoy my three days without them. Thanks Mom & Dad.

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sixbehrs said...

That is so cool! We all definitely need those breaks from time-to-time. I'm getting close, myself!