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Friday, August 29, 2008

Benny & the Jets

Okay so...it all started with 27 dresses...the movie. I happened to watch it one day while the girls were up and running around. Several days later, me & the girls were walking around Kmart when it happened...Eden started singing.."Bbbbenny and the Jets!" I busted out laughing in awe that Eden remembered the song so clearly after watching the movie several days before. Of, course the laughter was probably encouragement enough but I HAD to tell my mom about it and so it became typical to hear a 3-year-old's rendition of "Benny & the Jets" at my house. (and a 28 year old's...dare I admit?) At any rate it became just something we do around here...a part of our family culture. But I was still blown away when I heard it come out of my 1 year old's mouth at dinner a few weeks back! We were sitting eating supper and somehow we all began singing "Benny & the Jets" together...(isn't that what every family does together at dinnertime? ;)) when Jasmine piped in with a meek little "benny n the jets"...with every syllable. Now, let me explain. Jasmine speaks really well for her age. There is generally only a small amount of guesswork that goes into figuring out what she wants...but still this flabbergasted me. Did my sweet little daughter actually say what I heard her say? I literally gasp! I looked at Russ to see if he heard the same thing I heard...his expression told me he did...but I asked him anyway. We tried to get her to say it again...and she said "benny" plain as day. After a few more attempts we got a little "jet" out of her but she never would say the whole phrase together...but we were satisfied that our ears hadn't deceived us...my one year old daughter was singing Benny & the Jets with the rest of us! As a mother, nothing could bring me more satisfaction than knowing that my daughters are enriching their lives through the great educational facet known as "television." A movie, anyone?

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