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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Cute things my kids have said: Part 14

More cute things from my cute kids.  (March-Oct 2017) 

3-27-17  Kira: "He is mad!" Me: "Why?" Kira: "A robber stole his money. The robber likes shiny money and his money was really, really, really, really, really, really, really shiny!" 

3-30-17  Eden: "It's not my fault I was sick." Jasmine: "Well, It kind of is. You must have touched some germs." 

3-31-17  Bria is going through a developmental explosion right now! In the last week she has grown in 2 more teeth, learned how to play peek a boo, started nodding 'yes', is blowing kisses, clapping, has been mimicking the sounds we make, jabbering & singing to herself and others...it has been so fun to watch. She's an entertainer for sure! She also loves to hit herself in the head to make us laugh. (And today she blew on her food before letting me put it in her mouth.) 

4-02-17  Kira: "I want to watch Turkey Stuffins." (Doc McStuffins) 

4-06-17  Me: "Kira, please pick up your stuff in the living room."  
Kira: "Uuhh, can't a robot do it?"  

4-10-17  As I was making myself a hamburger patty-- Acacia: "Are you making a sausage pancake?" 

4-10-17  I've been trying to teach Bria the signs for 'please', 'more' and 'thank you'. Today she was sitting on Russ' lap and clearly wanted a piece of Kira's cookie. I said, "Can you say please?" Bria practically jumped off his lap onto mine and started signing 'please' on MY chest! We were laughing so hard! 

4-17-17  Jasmine: "I'm in a fight with the wall. It doesn't think I come from good stock." 

4-23-17  On the way home from Sunday School, Kira was telling me the story they learned which happened to be the story of Adam & Eve. When she got done I asked her, "Why did God tell them not to eat from that tree?" Kira: "I don't know but I think it was because there was a snake on it." 

 5-14-17  Kira: "Those flat pickles make my mouth spice to death."  

 5-20-17  Acacia: "That sign said Limon; like lemon and lime!" 

5-20-17  Jasmine: "What if a guy's last name was Juice and his first name was Tongue? Tongue Juice! *giggle* We could call him Spit!" 

5-20-17  Watching Monsters University-- Jasmine: "Monsters get scared?" Me: "Yes. That's why they scare people; to compensate for their own crippling fear." Jasmine: "Oh, yeah. I knew that." 

5-26-17  Jasmine: "Instead of flowers for my recital...I want you to bring me Shopkins." 

 5-27-17  Eden after recital: "Pretty much if we are wearing half-soles, they cry." 

6-13-17  My poor Jasmine got my propensity for worry. Today she said, "I'm worried about you getting a bad infection and then getting sick and needing surgery and dying and then I'd have to go to regular school." 

6-18-17  I was sitting on the couch after mowing the lawn when Kira comes and gives me a hug. Then she asks, "Do you have the chicken pox? Because it smells like you do." 

6-21-17  Bria's first understandable & repeated sentence! "I did it" 

6-27-17  Kira (while making a sandwich): "Now for the finishing touch! *opens the fridge* Where are you, finishing touch?" 

7-01-17  Kira: "Mommy, can I sleep on your floor?"  
Me: "No."  Kira: "I don't want to sleep with Acacia. She stinks and I will smell her!"   

8-20-17  Kira: "I want you to keep this (the front door) closed when the moon covers the sun. It will be like nighttime but I don't want to see it." 

8-21-17 Eden (In her best tongue in cheek conspiracy theory voice): "What if NASA created the solar eclipse to make money for all the eye doctors?" 

8-22-17  Jasmine: "That's the good thing about photographing nature. You don't have tell it to cooperate." 

9-11-17  Kira:  "Mommy, your boobies smell like chicken strips!" 

9-11-17  Came out of violin to the stink of the town and were discussing what it was. Kira: "I think it's kangaroo poop." 

9-?-17  I asked Kira what her favorite song was.  "I don't know.  It's between "Let it Go" and "Let it Go" in Spanish."

9-21-17 Kira: "Jasmine, do these aspertames make you have energy?" Jasmine: "They are Altoids." 

9-30-17 Jasmine: "Elvis looks like he'd be a bad kisser." 

10-01-17  Acacia reading a laffy taffy joke, "Where did the dentist go on vacation?" Kira: "West Virginia!" 

10-01-17 Kira:(while leaving church) "Apparently no one said I was beautiful." 

10-04-17 Kira: "Mommy, I want to be like you when I grow up. I don't want to get in a car crash. You almost got in a car crash once. But you're good at not getting in a car crash so I want to be like you when I grow up." 

10-05-17 Kira: "I'm thirsty all the way up to God and back down to the grass!" 

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