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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

Every year Mother's Day comes around and I take a moment to appreciate my mom and to revel in the love I have for my children.  This year the day holds a little extra significance.

May 13th, 2012 was my due date.

Until this week, I hadn't even realized that the due date of my heaven child fell on Mother's Day.  It's a bittersweet thought.  Losing that child changed me...but I can't say that I feel overly sad.  I know where that child rests and while I wish heaven wasn't our meeting place...I now anticipate the arrival of a new little life that could not have been if my fourth baby hadn't been taken to Jesus.

This Mother's Day, I will rejoice that I have been afforded the privilege of bearing children...something that many women would love to have but were not given.  I will celebrate the lives of my three girls and ruminate on the joys that their existence have brought to me.  I will honor the child that I did not meet and surrender that heartache to my Lord.  I will anticipate the birth of the one growing inside of me and trust to God his/her health and well-being.  I will thank my husband for walking this path with me and for making me a mother.  I will remember all that my mother invested in me and appreciate the sacrifices that she made so that I could become the woman I am today.

I will hug my children tighter;  I will tell them I love them; and I will commit to doing my best to raise them into people who honor the Lord and love others with fervor.

This Mother's Day, I may look back for a moment...but only so that I can look forward with more clarity and live & love in a way that will please the One who gave me the gift of motherhood.

For it is, indeed, a gift and I intend to cherish it.


Cle Reveries said...

Your words are so sincere and sound like a caress for my soul. I'm very happy to have met a "mother girl" like you. For me, a mother of two men and a girl of your age, a picture like that, where four angels + a bit are smiling harmoniously to life, is the best I can have.
Thank you.

Anita Johnson said...

Happy Mother's Day...that picture warms my heart!

Pizza Paddle said...

The most powerful bond is a mother and her child. A mother is unconditional in her love for her children.

Miller Yu said...

Happy family

About us said...

Awesome picture! Bless you

Aira Manalo said...

Aw, i know it's late for Mother's day but everyday is a day to remember how great moms are. :)

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