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Monday, June 13, 2011

Jasmine's birthday

Even though I had surgery on Friday, we still wanted to make sure Jasmine's birthday was special.  She woke up at my parent's house and I wished her a happy birthday on the phone.  It was so cute to hear her talk to excitedly about being 4.  My parents brought the girls back home before noon and family gathered to celebrate.  Jasmine had requested a polka-dot cake and I had planned on making with her Saturday.  But since I couldn't, Russ was sweet enough to make the cake for us and I went ahead and frosted it and covered it with the dots.

 Jasmine got a decent stack of gifts from all her adoring fans and she had a great time opening them.  She told me that that was her favorite part of the day. 

She told me her favorite gift was the princess thing but I'm not sure what she's talking about.  After she blew out her candles, while everyone else was eating cake, Jazzy sat quietly and played with her new Strawberry Shortcake play set. 

We had to postpone her special birthday dinner since I wasn't up for going out so later in the week we'll probably take her out to Chili's for mac & cheese like she wanted.  She's also anxious to wear her new birthday dress and go out for her special photo shoot with mommy but that's gonna have to be pushed back a few days as well.  But I think she had a pretty good birthday.  :)


FootPrints said...

aaawww i'm sure she felt special! what 4 year old wouldn't with all those presents!

foodforthought said...

great photos. i too love all of the things you listed. great content.


adward said...

nice photos........