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Monday, December 13, 2010

Groupon Deal: ScanDigital

So this weekend Russ started the project of finishing our basement sheetrocking the walls and adding outlets on the outside walls and so I needed to clean up some down there and came across all our VHS tapes.  Since VCR's are nearly extinct and ours is no longer attached to a television I decided that we may as well get them out of the house.  They are pretty much useless.  But I also came across old family videos.  I can't get rid of those...but I currently can't enjoy them.   We actually have several tapes of home video of Eden as a baby that I would love to have on my computer or dvd. 

Providentially this morning one of the Groupon online deals was for $100 worth of video digitalization (or photo scanning) at the price of $40.  I was psyched.  The problem is they need to sell at least 20 in order for the deal to be on and so far I am one of only 3 people.  So...I am encouraging you all to grab this deal too if you have old videos that you'd like to preserve or boxes of photos that need scanned.  I think they even do slides!  So take advantage of this deal today and/or pass it on!


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