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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

For God's fridge

The first time I watched the Veggietales "A Snoodle's Tale" I wept and today while driving I had the same reaction when I listened to the Christmas song "The Little Drummer Boy" on the radio, I believe for the same reason.

Essentially they both speak to how we often feel as though we have nothing significant to offer but that God loves us and accepts whatever we can bring Him. In 'A Snoodles Tale' the little snoodle's efforts were belittled & mocked by the other snoodles but when he encounters the Creator, he is told that what the others see & say is irrelavant--all that matters is how He sees the little snoodle. And He tells him that the pictures the snoodle draws will be placed on His refrigerator! In the 'Little Drummer Boy', the boy realizes that he is poor and cannot give the baby Jesus anything of monetary value...the only thing he can do is play his drum. He takes what little he has & put forth his very best effort in offering his small song to the Lord.

I want to remember that God loves me the way I love my children and is pleased with my meager efforts & gifts but that He is worthy of so much more than I can give. I want to always "play my best for Him" yet remember that even when my best falls short...He is still pleased to place my work on His refrigerator!

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